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Lots of people have one, or a number of credit cards that they use and many people are paying alot of money for the use of their credit card. One way of reducing a credit card bill is not to get one in the first place, but if you make sure you are sensible you shouldn't have too much to worry about if you do feel you need to get a credit card.
Obviously one way of making sure you don't incur any extra credit card charges is by making sure you pay any statements and bills from the credit card company on time, credit card companies make millions of pounds with the amount they charge as interest on things such as late payments.

The credit card trick

One "trick" many people now do is making the most of interest free balance transfer rates. These people are called "rate tarts" as they are making the most of the interest free rates being offered by the credit card companies. Basically how this works is that in their aim to get your business credit card companies have to make their card the most attractive to you, and ways of doing this is by allowing new customers to transfer the balance of an old credit card onto theirs and then offer them maybe 6 months interest free on this balance, so you won't have to pay anything on the debt for 6 months, at which point you can then find another credit card company who are offering the same deals and movre the balance over to them. Credit card companies are offering around 6 months upto 9 months interest free on these balance transfers and there are a number of credit cards who are offering it. You are able to apply online quickly and easily now to many.

We would say however, that doing this will not alter the fact that eventually you will have to repay the debt at some point, and we must stress that you make sure you are sensible and don't keep on increasing the debt, you should use it as a way to make the payments easily by not paying out quite as much and reduce the debt over a longer period which is more manageable!


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