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With Gas prices ever changing you may well be paying more for your gas than you would be elsewhere. If you shop around (we'll show you the cheapest places in a minute) you could well be able to save youself a niec ammount of money. Recently british gas upped their prices meaning that if you had switched to Powergen you owould on average save upto arounf £94 per year, Powergen have upped their prices since with the cost of natural gas going up but you can still save on average £64 by switching to them.
Powergen have a free quote section on their site so you can see just how much you can save (you can
check just gas, just electricity or Dual fuel and check them both), it's well worth doing as it's completely free to get the quote and could save you considerably more.

Energy Saving tips

For an indipendant way to check though all different gas suppliers you should visit USwitch and they can do a comparison on what you pay now and work out which gas supplier would work out the cheapest for you. Uswitch say "On average 167,000 UK households each week switch their energy supplier, with an average saving of 140GBP"


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