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Pass Plus is a driving course that new drivers can take once they have passed their practical driving test and can help in reducing the cost of car insurance. It covers 6 key areas that that include:
- Town driving
- All-weather driving

- Driving out of town
- Night driving
- Driving on dual carriageways
- Driving on Motorways

There is no test at the end of the Pass Plus but drivers must show that they are at the right standard and can drive in all the conditions listed satisfactorily.

The cost of doing the Pass Plus can vary depending on location and how much the driving instructors charge. It does take a minimum of 6 hours (usually 6*1 hour lessons to complete the course).

Pass Plus is backed by a number of large insurance companies who offer discounts to new drivers who have passed the Pass Plus scheme. The Pass Plus insurers include:
AA Insurance
BSM Insurance Services
BTE Lawline
Churchill Insurance
Direct Line
Norwich Union
QUINN Direct Insurance Ltd
Royal and SunAlliance
Tesco Motor Insurers
Zurich (Eagle Star)

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