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When it comes to car insurance then Young drivers car insurance is higher. Unfortunately it is just the way things work, young drivers have less experience on the road and so the insurance companies see them as a greater risk and more likely to have a crash or an accident.
Statistics actually show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years of passing their test than at any other time in their driving career!

Also, one driver in 5 is involved in an accident in their first year of driving!

Obviously it goes without saying that everyone wants to have cheaper car insurance and getting cheap car insurance for young drivers can take a bit more time to find the best insurance deal.

Some things to consider for young drivers to help keep the insurance premiums down are listed here.

Your car - Everyone likes to have a nice car, something a bit better, quicker stylish than their friends and although this may impress your friends it won't impress the insurance company. The faster your car means the faster you can drive and the more chance you are to have an accident. Get yourself a good solid car to start with. Check out what group insurance it is. Car insurance groups go from 1 to 20, with Group 1 insurance being the lowest and Group 20 being the highest. The higher up the insurance scale the car is the higher the insurance quote is likely to get as with each group it will mean that the car is getting faster and more expensive. Don't go for a car with too powerful and engine, a 1 liter or thereabouts is the place to start unfortunately.

Pass Plus - The Pass Plus course is an extra set of lessons that a young or new driver can take after they have passed their driving test. It covers 6 skills, including:
- Town driving
- All-weather driving

- Driving out of town
- Night driving
- Driving on dual carriageways
- Driving on Motorways
Doing the Pass Plus can reduce the cost of insurance for young drivers at insurance companies that back the Pass Plus scheme.
Read more about Pass Plus

Insurance Cover - Having third party fire and theft or third party only car insurance will help reduce the cost of insurance for a young driver. This basically means that the insurance company will only have to pay out to any third parties involved in an accident that weren't their fault, and also in case of fire or theft if that is the option that is chosen. This does mean that any damage to the young drivers vehicle will NOT be covered by insurance and will have to be paid out of their own pocket!

One way to get young drivers the freedom to drive once they have passed their test is by adding them on to an existing policy of someone such as a parent. This way they don't own the car but will be able to use it and it can work out cheaper to add a young driver onto an existing policy rather than taking out a new insurance policy for a young driver on their own. This also gives the opportunity for the young driver to get some driving under their belt before getting their own car and will also mean that they don't have full access to the car if it is also used by another main driver.

Always get a car insurance quote BEFORE you buy a car. There is no point spotting what you consider a bargain car and then finding out the cost to insure it is 20 times as much as the car actually costs!

Don't get in trouble with the police. If you get done for speeding then you can expect your insurance to go up next time it comes around as well as getting 4 points on your license and a £60 fine. If you excessively break the speed limit you may be given a ban and have to retake your test, this can also happen if you are caught speeding a number of times or get too many points. Speed plays a more significant factor in accidents for young drivers than it does for older drivers.

Don't drink/drug drive - You should never drink drive as it impairs your ability to drive safely. If you are caught drink driving then you can (and quite rightly so) expect your insurance premium to go up loads. The same applies with drug driving.


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